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Before and After School Pick-up

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Before School Drop-Off & After School Pick-Up
Parents and students are reminded to follow all traffic rules.  Students are to use marked crosswalks.  Drivers are not to stop in a red zone.  Parents are not to drive onto school grounds to load or unload students (Vehicle Code 21113). Parents who need to come to school to attend a meeting or take care of school business must park in a designated parking space. Parents must adhere to the eight-mile per hour speed limit whenever they are in a school parking lot.
*Note: permission to utilize any campus parking lot is subject to change.    
Students are reminded that school begins at 7:56 a.m.  All students should be seated in class when the 7:56 a.m. bell rings. Students arriving in the morning are to proceed to the supervised lunch and quad area.  At dismissal, please arrange for pick-up in a timely manner.  Students who remain after school must be with a teacher or enrolled in an after-school program.  within 30 minutes after dismissal. For safety reasons, students may not loiter or wait in front of or by the side of the school before school or after 3:30 p.m.