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Remote Learning Code of Conduct

Remote Learning Code of Conduct


Live virtual classes/meetings are an important component of remote learning. To ensure the best possible learning environment, we expect all students to adhere to the school-wide remote learning expectations and policies.


Virtual Online Classes (Zoom, Schoology Conferences, etc.)

  • PROFILE: Students log on using their LAUSD MyMail accounts and include their first and last name [legal names only] when using Zoom. Students shall not rename themselves.
  • AUDIO: Students remain muted during the class unless the teacher allows the students to unmute.
  • VIDEO: Students encouraged to leave their video camera during class. Students shall dress appropriately (see school guidelines). Any use of a virtual image or background must align with district/school policy (e.g. nothing obscene or offensive). Be aware of actions during class as everyone can see.
  • CHAT: Students use appropriate language in the “CHAT” feature to ask questions, respond and post relevant responses on the chat. Personal conversations are not permitted.
  • ATTENDANCE/PARTICIPATION: Daily student attendance for each class will be taken. Students shall arrive on time and actively participate in discussions and activities. Contact the teacher if something arises that prevents the student from attending the online class.
  • SCHOOLOGY: Students shall use Schoology daily and submit all assignments, exams and project by the due date.
  • PERSONAL RECORDING/PICTURES: Students shall not take screen shots, pictures or recordings without permission of the teacher and all class members.
  • ZOOM MEETING ID: Sharing of the Zoom class links to students not enrolled in the class are not permitted. Students may only join classes they are enrolled in.


  • Students should be seated in a quiet place, preferably at a table or desk.
  • Enter the class with proper materials and supplies. Be ready to participate.
  • Silence all phones, TV, and other electronic devices.
  • Always log out of all personal accounts. Access school materials using the LAUSD MyMail accounts.


If you do not have a device to use daily, please contact the school to check out a school device (818) 678-4100.