Oliver Wendell Holmes Middle School


General  Supplies



For a successful school year, please be sure to have the following supplies:


  • Organizing Daily Work:  
          Folders to keep your papers clean and organized  (Each folder should have prongs and 2 pockets.) 

– OR   

 A skinny binder (2 1/2”) with 8 pockets to keep your papers clean and organized


  • Year-end Portfolio:  
A three-ring notebook to Leave at School (1 ½” - 2”)
  • College Ruled Notebook Paper (15 Sheets)
  • Comp Books for each course
  • Pencil Pouch (Zipper)
  • Pens (Red along with Black or Blue are required; Green & Purple are useful for math.)
  • 2 Hi-Liters (Not Blue or Purple)
  • Ruler
  • Plastic Eraser
  • Wooden Pencils (5)
  • Self-contained Pencil Sharpener
  • Colored Pencils (8 Colors?)
  • Inexpensive, Non-scientific Calculator
  • Inexpensive, Thumbdrive/Memory Stick (35 gb?)
     Please be sure to dedicate a minimum study time of 20 minutes for each core subject every day.  That means that students should dedicate a minimum of 80 minutes for homework every day.   For example, you might need to spend 30 minutes working on math, 10 minutes completing science, 10 minutes on social studies, and 30 minutes on English.
     Remember:  Some students are able to complete all of their assignments in less than 80 minutes.  Parents and guardians need to help students determine the amount of time students spend on homework.  It's always a good idea to spend extra time reading, speaking, and writing about academic topics. 
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Link to free math practice at Khan Academy:


Link to free language practice at Newsela:


Link to free math games & extra practice at Kids Numbers: 


Link to PASSport Video:


Link to PASSport Resources in PDF: