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Enrollment Forms 2020-2021

Holmes Middle School & Humanities Magnet

Required Forms (New and Returning Students)


  • All Students must complete the "All Students"  packet and online forms. Links below.
  • Students new to LAUSD need to complete the "All Students" and a separate "New Students" packet. Contact the Main Office for new student forms and enrollment information. (818) 678-4110 


Required Forms (All Students)


1)     Student Information Emergency Form (Complete once a year. If you submitted one as a new student with your enrollment form, you will not need to complete this form again.)

Please be sure to have updated information in case of an emergency and include any person who you give permission to pick up your child.


2)     Responsible Use Policy (RUP) for Parents/Guardians/Educational Rights Holders (English available only)

Parents/Guardians/Educational Rights Holders should initial each line, check each box and sign the form.


3)     Parent Guardian Publicity Authorization and Release:

This form includes the school website photos/videos, yearbook, classroom activities, school activities, school-related presentations, etc.


4)     Student Housing Questionnaire (All families must complete the top portion and sign at the bottom. If you select, YES, please complete the entire form. Complete once a year. If you submitted one as a new student with your enrollment form, you will not need to complete this form again.)

The goal of LAUSD Student Health and Human Services is to effectively serve students and families in transition, providing advocacy and referral services that foster a sense of empowerment and stability.



Please submit proof of an active LAUSD Parent Portal account and meal application completion (printout, email, screen shot of completion, etc.)

5)     Device Distribution and Responsible Use Policy (for Students): Parents and students must sign this form to use District devices (Chromebooks, iPads, etc.) device.lausd.net ACCESS CODE: lausd2020


6)     Parent Portal: Requires an active email account, Student ID and parent PIN to register. https://parentportal.lausd.net


7)     Meal Application: Our goal is 100% completion for each family every year. https://www.myschoolapps.com/

Parents who do not qualify or do not wish to

apply, please complete the application and

check one of the following boxes (paper





If you have never attended a school within LAUSD, please complete the following:


REQUIRED FORMS (Contact the Main Office for enrollment forms & information (818) 678-4110):

  • Student Enrollment Form (Complete once a year. If you submitted one as a new student with your emergency form, you will not need to complete this form again.)
  • Temporary Health Card
  • Title III Immigrant Education Program Questionnaire
  • American Indian-Alaskan Native Letter Questionnaire
  • Migrant Education Program Family Work Questionnaire (If not applicable, complete Parent & Student names and select “NO” for the first question) Your children may be eligible to receive FREE educational and health services.


Documentation, if available:

If incoming from an LAUSD school, please bring:
  • A COPY of your child’s immunization record; this must include the TDAP (Whooping Cough) if your child is an incoming 7th or 8th grader
  • A COPY of your proof of residence (utility bills, property taxes, rental/lease agreement, current rent receipt with address of property on receipt, official government mail (CalWORKs, Social Security, Medi-Cal, current pay stub or voter registration (all must have parent name and address)
  • A COPY of the IEP, for students receiving special education services
  • A COPY of the most recent or final report card, SBA scores and gifted identification (if available)


If coming from private or charter school, please bring:
  • Transcripts from your current school
  • A COPY of your child’s birth certificate
  • AND all the forms listed above