Oliver Wendell Holmes Middle School

iPad Distribution: Required Forms

These forms were a part of the Enrollment packet. Some parents/guardians selected NOT to get an iPad or did not complete the forms correctly for their child to receive an iPad.

FORMS: I am attaching both required forms. You can email me both forms or drop them off to my mailbox (Ms. Cao) in the Main Office by Friday, August 8/20/21.

  1. LAUSD Parent Acknowledgement Form - Please select OPTION 1 and sign the bottom OR complete the online form at http://device.lausd.net/ using the Parent Portal login.
  2. Digital Promise Agreement – Complete all pages and initialed on the third page.

 iPads: The iPads are 7th generation, come with a charger and wired keyboard, they are insured, have 32GB of storage, and 30GB of LTE data. Student cannot download apps (only LAUSD approved) and the iPads are LAUSD secured devices.

 Chromebooks/Hotspots:  Returning students with school Chromebooks will exchange it for an iPad so we can update, sanitize and put them back in the carts.

 Student Workshop/Training: I will provide continuous workshops and trainings for students with technology and iPad use.