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Aportes de los padres: Evaluación integral de necesidades para 2020-2021

La siguiente EVALUACIÓN DE NECESIDADES es una herramienta para recopilar información de las partes interesadas en el desarrollo del Presupuesto Categórico para el año escolar 2020 - 2021. Esta información será tomada en consideración por el Consejo escolar local, quien tomará la decisión final sobre el presupuesto.

School Accountability Report Card (SARC)

The School Accountability Report Card (SARC) is available for parents to review.  The SARC is mandated by the state and includes information from the prior school year on school performance, teacher misassignments, sufficiency of textbooks, condition of school facilities, and fiscal and expenditure data, as well as student performance.  A full report can be obtained both through paper (upon request) in the Title I office or online.  Click on the title to access the full report.

Informe de Rendición de Cuentas Escolar (SARC)

Informe de Rendición de Cuentas Escolar (SARC) está disponible para que los padres lo revisen. El estado exige el SARC e incluye información del año escolar anterior sobre el rendimiento escolar, la asignación incorrecta de maestros, la suficiencia de los libros de texto, el estado de las instalaciones escolares y los datos fiscales y de gastos, así como el rendimiento de los estudiantes.  Se puede obtener un informe completo tanto en papel (previa solicitud) en la oficina del Título I o en Internet. Haga clic en el título para acceder al informe completo.

The Great Kindness Challenge!

Holmes Middle School is celebrating Great Kindness Challenge Week from January 27 - January 31, 2020.
Activities for the week:
Monday: Create a Kindness Acrostic POEM.
Tuesday: Create a kindness bookmark to leave and share in the library.
Wednesday: Write a letter to someone you appreciate as the Writing Wednesday task.
Thursday: Kindness Superstars - create a star that tells a Random Acts of Kindness you witnessed or did.
Friday: Bring in a blanket or towel for donation to an animal shelter.
"Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible."

PHBAO Parent Conferences

PHBAO Parent Conference Day is on Thursday, January 23, 2020. Parents with appointments received a telephone invitation, an email, and a reminder letter.
PHBAO Parent Conference Schedule:
Last Names starting from A-L will be from 8:00 - 10:11 AM
Last Names starting from M-Z will be from 3:30 -5:30 PM
Please refer back to Schoology to see your child's class schedule, teachers, and classroom numbers.


Congratulations to our ACE Awards recipients! ACE Awards Night will be on Monday, January 27, 2020 in MacKenzie Hall. There will be two presentations: 7th and 8th Grade Awards will be from 5:00-6:00 PM. 6th Grade Awards will be from 6:00-7:00 PM. As a courtesy to all recipients, please attend promptly at the scheduled time. We look forward to seeing you and your child at Holmes Middle School’s ACE Awards Night!
The list of all ACE Awards recipient can be accessed from the link above. (Click on the heading.)


12/16 Monday- Holiday Colors Day
- 6th- Blue
- 7th- Green
- 8th - Red
12/17 Tuesday - Holiday Accessory Day
- Headwear
- Jewelry
- Socks
12/18 Wednesday - Represent Your Holiday T-Shirts
12/19 Thursday - Bundle Up Thursday
- Only appropriate Onesies
- Cotton or Flannel PJ top and bottoms with appropriate designs.
- No slippers!
- No lace or silk PJ's!
- No sweatpants. Sweatpants are only to be worn during P.E. class.
12/20 Friday - National Ugly Sweater Day

Computer Science Education Week

Computer Science Education Week is from December 9 - December 13, 2019. On Monday, 12/9, and Tuesday, 12/10, Advisory classes will view a video introducing students to the Computer Science World and a video about a 12 yr. old APP developer. On Wednesday, 12/11, students will be writing about what they've learned about computer science during Write On Wednesday. All students will also participate in a school-wide coding competition during science classes. On Thursday, 12/12, students will continue with Keyboarding lessons during Advisory. Finally, on Friday, 12/13, students will be working on their Digital Portfolios. Thank you to all our teachers for giving our students an opportunity to learn about computer science education!
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