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Health Office

Admission to the Health Office

The student needs a permit signed by a classroom teacher or adult staff member.

Accidents or Emergencies:

Report to an adult, who will refer the student to the Health Office.  If the student cannot locate an adult, he/she should go directly to the Health Office.


The student should report his/her illness to the teacher who will give the student a pass to the Health Office.

Emergency Information:

Emergency Cards must be filled out for each student, signed by a parent or guardian, and kept in the Attendance Office.  Changes in the Emergency Information (address, telephone number of a doctor or parents) must be reported immediately to the Attendance Office.

Only those listed on the Emergency Card who can show a picture ID may pick up students who become ill at school.

Special Circumstances Requiring a Physician’s Note:

  1. Return from absence due to a contagious disease.
  2. Any injury that necessitates a cast, Ace bandages, slings, or crutches at school.
  3. When a student must take medication at school, the medication must be left with the nurse in the Health Office
  4. The appropriate form must be filled out by the physician and parent.
  5. Students with severe asthma.