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Features & Highlights

Holmes Middle School is a California Schools to Watch and has been redesignated as a Schools for Advanced Studies Demonstration School for another 5-year cycle through June 2026. "Schools for Advanced Studies (SAS) serve as District demonstration sites based on the implementation of innovative and research-based differentiated curriculum and instruction for gifted/high ability learners in multiple categories. The selection of a school as a Schools for Advanced Studies site is predicated on a proven commitment and ability to offer a sustained, highly effective, exemplary Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) program that includes essential GATE program components: 1) Gifted Identification, 2) Instruction and Academic Achievement of GATE Learners, 3) Knowledgeable and Skilled Staff and 4) Parent, Family and Community Engagement." (LAUSD, August 10, 2020)
Approximately 300 students are enrolled in our School for Advanced Studies, which emphasizes a rigorous curriculum applying depth and complexity, lesson and activities that integrate technological tools to increase 21st century skills and emphasize developing the global learner through collaboration, communication, critical thinking and problem-solving. Holmes supports an atmosphere where cultural and ethnic diversity are prized, where academic challenge is expected and where the intrinsic worth of each child is recognized.