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Homework Policies

According to the culmination requirements and curriculum of the Los Angeles Unified School District, homework is a necessary part of each student's educational program. Class homework schedules are a part of each class syllabus students receive from their teachers at the beginning of the school year (or semester). General time guidelines for homework:


 Homework Time Allocation

Grade   Level

Maximum Homework Time Allocation


Average of 15 minutes for each academic class daily

    7th & 8th

Average of 20 minutes for each academic class daily



All students are provided with a student planner to write down their homework assignments for each class. It is highly encouraged for parents to support the use of the planner by regularly checking the planner for assignments and or projects.


Homework for Absentees

Requests for homework for absentees should be directed to the Counseling Office. Homework should be requested for long term absences only (e.g. more than three school days). Homework assignments will be available in the Counseling Office after school following the day on which the request is made. For short term absences, it is suggested the students know the home number of a friend in each class in order to obtain assignments.