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7th Grade Magnet

7th Grade Magnet

Common Core English 7*
The English curriculum, aligned to Common Core and California State Standards, integrates grammar, writing, literature and vocabulary. Specific emphasis is given to written expression, helping the students develop their ability in writing paragraphs and ultimately the five-paragraph essay. In literature, students are introduced to the basic elements of the various literary genres for the purpose of developing an interest in reading and of further developing their reading skills, with special attention given to international writings. Students engage in author study, critique books from cross cultural authors, showcase international poets during a Poetry Slam, and create a digital portfolio culminating their work throughout the year.
World History & Geography*
This course begins with an in depth study of geography and its role in the development of culture. Students then travel back in time to visit the major world cultures of the Middle Ages. The journey begins in ancient Rome and continues through such places as the Middle East, Africa, China, Japan, Europe and Latin America. The development of critical thinking and writing skills is emphasized.
Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) 
This course includes an introduction to the major concepts of modern biology, cell biology, a survey of plant structure and function, anatomy, physiology, reproduction, heredity, the origin of life, ecology, scientific method, evolution, metric system, and social, mental and physical health. Through hands-on labs, the course maximizes students interests while equalizing student access to science tools and technology. The students gain a solid knowledge of the world around them as they learn to think like a scientist.
Common Core Math 7
Students will become adept at manipulating numbers, integers and equations. A thorough study of number theory resides in the 7th grade curriculum, allowing students to form a concrete understanding of how and why the basic skill operations work. Students will solve many types of first-degree equations, graph linear equations on a coordinate plane, and they will simplify algebraic expressions and polynomials. Aligned to Common Core and California State Standards.
Accelerated Common Core Math 7*
*Honors level classes are available in these courses to Magnet students who qualify.  The school considers the most recent grades and test scores in making placements in honors classes.

Film 1 & 2 - The Film class is a two-year program that takes students through the history of the movies from its earliest days to contemporary cinema while facilitating students in the production of their own films.  Students learn the basics of Story, Scriptwriting, Pre-production, Production and Post-Production.  Students develop stories, pitch their projects and take on roles in the production process. As students progress, the second year will take their filmmaking from the basics to more complex stories and productions. 


Band – 7thand 8thGrades

Band is a 1-2 year advanced placement ensemble requiring at least one year of musical training, auditioning may be required for students new to the school. Band students are expected to read music and learn various musical numbers and are likely to have more performance opportunities and a diverse selection of music. 


Orchestra – 7thand 8thGrades

Orchestra is a 1-2 year advanced placement ensemble requiring at least one year of musical training, auditioning may be required for students new to the school. Band students are expected to read music and learn various musical numbers and are likely to have more performance opportunities and a diverse selection of music.


Choir – 7thand 8thGrades

Choir is a 1-2 year course designed to teach students music theory through singing. Students learn to read, write and perform music and have their talent and growth showcased twice a year in the Winter and Spring concerts.


Introduction to Biotechnology A/B: A Lab Skills Course

This lab course is designed to provide students a pathway to a more advanced focus in Biotechnology in high school and beyond. The introductory course centers on the basic concepts of biotechnology that includes career profiles, lab methodologies, lab safety, measurement, laboratory equipment use, science research and technical writing, scientific methods, cellular and molecular biology, microbiology, pathology, forensics, and genetic technologies.  Students will have the opportunity to explore real life biotechnology and lab skills by blending theory with hands-on lab activities in order to help develop college and career readiness skills for the 21stcentury.


Energy & the Environment– 7thGrade

Students are challenged to think big and toward the future as they explore sustainable solutions to our energy needs and investigate the impact of energy on our lives and the world. They use what they’ve learned to design and model alternative energy sources, as well as evaluate options for reducing energy consumption.

Green Architecture– 7thGrade

In this unit, students learn how to apply green concepts to the fields of architecture and construction. They explore dimensioning, measuring, and architectural sustainability and apply what they have learned to design affordable housing units using Autodesk’s® 3D architectural design software.

Action Lab
The Action Lab offers students a hands-on, real-world technology experience. The lab includes 17 unique modules where students gain experience and are exposed to career options in areas such as flight technology, health, research and development, virtual architecture, digital music, audio communications, digital video, CNC mill, mechanisms, robotics, lasers and animation.
Personal Finance
Students learn skills in budgeting, credit card vs. debit card, financing a car, difference between checking account and saving account, and making responsible choices about income and expenses. Students will also learn about stock market. Each team will invest a virtual $100,000 into the stock market and compete with other schools in the Los Angeles area.