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8th Grade Magnet

8th Grade Magnet

Common Core English 8
This course incorporates Common Core State Standards for reading, writing, listening and speaking in English. Students will develop skills in reading comprehension and literary analysis through the study of non-fiction, short stories, poetry, and drama. Students will develop research skills and write persuasive, expository, and analytical compositions. Additionally, students will complete various creative, literature-based and research-based projects. Students will participate in the Accelerated Reader technology-supported, independent reading program. This course will also focus on building vocabulary and refining language skills.
United States History
This course covers from colonization through the Industrial Revolution. After reviewing the development of America’s democratic institutions, particularly the shaping of the Constitution, students trace the development of American politics, society, culture, and economy and relate them to the challenges facing the new nation. A major emphasis is placed on academic writing and research.
Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) Physical Science
This course focuses on chemistry and physics. Students participate in 27 hands on lab experiments and explore such topics as potential and kinetic energy, Newton’s Laws of Motion, simple machines, dynamics of liquids and gases, boiling points of solutions, and electricity and magnetism. In addition, students investigate the theories and practice of rocketry and actually build and launch rockets as a cumulative activity. Aligned to the new Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).
Common Core Math 8
Accelerated Common Core Algebra 1
The key content involves understanding, writing, solving, and graphing linear and quadratic equations, operations on monomial and polynomial expressions, factoring, inequalities, and absolute values. The students learn to deal with abstract concepts and manipulate algebraic symbols in order to represent real world situations when solving problems. 

Film 1 & 2

The Film class is a two-year program that takes students through the history of the movies from its earliest days to contemporary cinema while facilitating students in the production of their own films.  Students learn the basics of Story, Scriptwriting, Pre-production, Production and Post-Production.  Students develop stories, pitch their projects and take on roles in the production process. As students progress, the second year will take their filmmaking from the basics to more complex stories and productions. 



Flight & Space– 8thGrade

The exciting world of aerospace comes alive through Flight and Space. Students explore the science behind aeronautics and use their knowledge to design, build, and test an airfoil.


Band – 7th and 8th Grades

Band is a 1-2 year advanced placement ensemble requiring at least one year of musical training, auditioning may be required for students new to the school. Band students are expected to read music and learn various musical numbers and are likely to have more performance opportunities and a diverse selection of music. 


Orchestra – 7th and 8th Grades

Orchestra is a 1-2 year advanced placement ensemble requiring at least one year of musical training, auditioning may be required for students new to the school. Band students are expected to read music and learn various musical numbers and are likely to have more performance opportunities and a diverse selection of music.


Choir – 7th and 8th Grades

Choir is a 1-2 year course designed to teach students music theory through singing. Students learn to read, write and perform music and have their talent and growth showcased twice a year in the Winter and Spring concerts.

Leadership is a one-year course where students plan school activities such as after-school dances, school spirit week, contests, lunch time activities, fundraising, as well as supporting school activities such as school tours, elementary school matriculation, and new student orientation. Students must meet certain criteria and are selected based on academic grades, work habits, cooperation, and recommendations from teachers and staff.
This is a one-year course that introduces the basic concepts and principles of yearbook design, including structure, style, computer and traditional layout, copywriting, editing, and photography. Students use state of the art software including Adobe InDesign and Adobe Photoshop.
Spanish 1
Spanish 1 is a one-year course that emphasizes vocabulary for everyday needs and for  communication with a native speaker. Spanish conversation and culture are emphasized through oral exercises. Practice in reading and writing further enhances the student’s understanding of the language. Spanish 1 counts toward the high school/college foreign language requirement.
Korean 1

Korean 1 – 8thGrade

The Korean 1 class will be a unique learning experience in an academically rigorous environment.  Learning will take place through lecture, exploring textbook, discussions, group activities, videos, projects, music and crafts, Korean food and tests and quizzes. Upon successfully completing the course, students will be able to demonstrate that they are effective communicators, by obtaining levels of competency in listening, speaking, reading and writing as basic communication skills.