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Locker Rules

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Locker Rules:
The school locker is the property of the Los Angeles Unified School District and students are expected to adhere to the following rules or receive penalties which may include the loss of locker privileges.
  • Lockers may only be used during the permitted times. (Daily) before school 7:50 – 7:55 a.m.) On M,W,Th,Fri., after periods 2 & 4 - the first 7 minutes of nutrition & lunch; then after school 2:58 – 3:15 pm. On Tues. after period 3 – the first 7 minutes of lunch, then after school 1:13 – 1:25 pm.
  • Any tardiness related to lockers will not be accepted as an excuse – get to class on time. Excessive tardiness may result  in the loss of locker privileges.
  • Students may not share the locker with another student. Anything found in a locker will be the sole responsibility of the person to which the locker is assigned. Locker combinations are not to be shared with anyone else.
  • Objects/articles must not be put in the locker if it is against the law or school policy. School administrators may inspect (randomly) the contents of the locker at any time.
  • Kicking, hitting, slamming, defacing, using graffiti, bending/prying/jamming of lock, and other such abuse is not allowed. No (stickers) may be glued, taped, or affixed to the inside/outside of the locker. No personal padlocks are to be used on lockers; any padlocks used will be cutoff. Students/Parents may be liable for any costs incurred for damages to the locker.
  • Materials or liquids that might cause a fire must not be placed in the locker.
  • All food and drinks must be entirely removed by the end of each school day.
  • All things stored in the locker must be kept in a clean and orderly condition. No throwing trash on the floor outside of the locker. Do not place large bulky items such as sweaters and backpacks into the locker as it can jam the locker door.
  • Failure to follow any of the above rules will result in the loss of locker privileges for an amount of time determined by the administration.  In the event that a locker gets jammed, the problem should be reported to the Main Office or to Ms. Cao. Fixing a jammed locker may take some time to resolve.
Physical Education (P.E.) Lockers
Students will receive one P.E. locker assigned through Physical Education classes.  Students are NOT to share combinations or lockers.  Keep locker combinations a secret.  Students should use the locker that has been specifically assigned to them.  Lockers must be neat and clean.  Materials that do not belong to the student must NOT be kept in student's locker. The school assumes no responsibility for lost or stolen personal items. Locker
Searches Guidelines/Metal Detection Procedures:
To ensure the safety of all students, teachers, staff members and administrators, there will be random and daily metal detections per district-mandated policy, including searches of physical education/hallway lockers. Search will be conducted at various hours of the school day to avoid predictability.