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Textbooks, School Materials, and Other School Equipment
All students have the privilege of using textbooks without charge.  Students must assume the responsibility for textbook loss and damage.  Textbooks are issued and distributed for student use within the first weeks of the school year.  Students should:
  1. Cover all books with a durable removable cover.
  2. Write their name and the teacher's name on the inside label of each book in ink.
  3. Pay for lost or damaged books as soon as possible.
Parents/Guardians have a legal responsibility with regard to property of the Los Angeles Unified School District (District). California Education Code section 48904 states, in pertinent part, that the parent or guardian of any minor who willfully cuts, defaces, or otherwise injures any real or personal property of the District or its employees shall be liable for all damages caused by the minor up to $10,000. District property includes buildings and grounds, as well as textbooks, library books, computers, shop materials, physical education clothes, and sports equipment. A parent or guardian is liable to the District for all District property loaned to a minor and not returned upon demand. We need your help in making sure that District property is kept in good condition and that loaned items are returned to school upon demand. Parents will be expected to pay the replacement or repair cost for any lost or damaged District property. The school is legally authorized to withhold the grades, diploma, and transcripts of students until the obligation is cleared. Holmes Middle School reserves the right to withhold special event activities (i.e. 8th grade picnic, dances, Culmination, etc.) until all debts have been cleared.